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Incomplete Love ( Episode 4 )


Novel : Incomplete Love

Writer : M. Tajmmal Beg

Episode : 4

 Shazia Begum Maimona Begum and the children had finished their tea when Shazia Begum called Mahosh _____ and asked him to pick up the pot.

 Now Mahosh was carrying the utensils alone and putting them in the kitchen. When all the utensils came in the kitchen, Mahosh started inspecting the remaining things.

  ___ Mahosh was just doing the calculations with biscuits and lease etc. So I don't know where Hamza came from. ____ Seeing Hamza coming, Mahosh started to feel his belongings in danger. He immediately picked up the biscuits in his hand and left the remaining lease  She turned her face away and ran towards Shazia Begum.

 When Mahosh reached his uncle, he sat on one side and started eating biscuits again holding his hand. On the other hand, when Hamza could not find anything to eat, he went in search of Mahosh and found Mahosh sitting next to Shazia Begum.  Her hands were empty. She had eaten all the biscuits before the arrival of Hamza ____ and now she was teasing Hamza.

 Maimona Begum, who was safe from his actions and also felt sorry for Hamza, reprimanded Mahesh and issued orders not to harass her brother.

 Maimona Begum had just become silent when the ____ Adhan of Zuhr started and the room was filled with full senate.

 When the call to prayer was completed, everyone stood up for ablution while reciting the supplication after the call to prayer.

 Well, let me tell you, will you remember who made your secrets -----

 It was heard that Saira put her hand under her chin and with great desire turned towards Saadia _____ !!!

 Saadia started repeating the same thing again from the beginning which made Saira ___ more angry but Saadia was saying with great pleasure without caring about her ____ that we came here for a walk and wanted to take some memories of the past ___ camera  Wanted to make the diary of the past attractive by capturing everyone in the eye of ----------

 But ....................... one of our ladies, instead of commemorating all the attractive and charming moments, recently handed over her heart to _____ Dr. Asher  Is sitting -

 Saadia was distorting her words in her amusement when suddenly she felt a strong Makkah falling on her back. The next moment she knew the reason for Makkah and ran towards the door _____.

 But at Saira's voice, she came and sat next to Saira again and the conversation started again.

 After performing Wudhu, Hamza took Ahmad with him and walked towards the mosque while the women prayed at home.

 When Hamza came home after praying, Shazia Begum and Maimuna Begum had also finished praying and ____ were now engaged in Tasbeehat.

 Hamza saw his uncle and aunt and stood by them for a while then walked towards his room ______.

 As soon as Hamza entered the room, his eyes were wide open.


 Hamza could see the alarming state of his robot game at the hands of his Mahosh. It was a ___ game that he loved more than himself.

 Seeing this state of his game, he got very angry but he couldn't say anything to Mahosh because ___ he was the youngest in the house and everyone's darling so he thought it appropriate to tell his mama ie Shazia Begum and  Crying ___ went to tell Shazia Begum-

 Saira and Saadia's conversation would have continued for a long time if their meme had not smiled ............ !!!!

 Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me.

 This is the meme that all the girls together recommended to Saira to go on a picnic ____ -

 Mam Tabassum was like that to treat everyone well

 She was friendly with everyone in the class ____ and would get up and sit with her students outside the classroom.

 That is why he asked Mam Tabassum for recommendation. He was sure that Saira would never reject Madam Tabassum's words.

 And so it was with the air. Saira reluctantly agreed to go on a picnic with him _____ and as a result, instead of having a picnic for two days, she was treated in the hospital.

 As soon as Tabassum Mem entered the room ___, Saadia and Saira became silent. As soon as they became silent, Saadia stood up respectfully.

 Seeing Saadia standing, Saira also tried to get up, but Tabassum Mem, seeing her condition ____, forbade her to get up.

 Prohibited, Mem Tabassum came and sat near Saira and took Sadia by the arm and sat her down. She was looking at the face of Mem who was standing.

 Mama, don't look at what Mahosh did to my game ____ Hamza was crying and telling Shazia Begum about Mahosh's deed which he had done some time ago by going to Hamza's ___ room.

 Shazia Begum was listening to Hamza's words carefully and at the same time was consoling Hamza.

 This love affair was going on when suddenly Hamza said tell Mama Papa on the phone not to come for me _____ will come from here to get a video game -

 Shazia Begum looked at Hamza's face and smiled and said that I will call your father now and tell him that he will bring a "laptop key" as well as a number of video games for his ____ beloved son Hamza.

 What did Mama say? I am not asleep. ______ Shazia Begum first slapped Hamza and then she said again that I am just telling your father Imran Sahib to play video game with laptop for his darling.  Take it too _

 When Hamza heard about the laptop, he came as fast as he could and then to stop his curiosity from growing again, he started asking his mama that _____ mama, I have not come first, then why this laptop ???

 How is so much compassion being done ????

 Shazia Begum laughed out loud when she heard Hamza's words and instructed her to go to bed and walked towards her room ____ saying that just take her as our love.

 So tell Saira how are you now ..... ????

 Ms. Tabassum was pulling back the hair on Saira's forehead with her hand and was asking ____ Saira -

 G.M. I am feeling much better now, thank God. It is the result of your prayers and love that I have recovered so quickly.

 After a while of silence, Ms. Tabassum resumed the conversation and mentioned ___ of her return tonight and looked at both of them with questioning eyes.

 Before Saira could say anything, Sadia said, "Gee, we have to leave now. Of course, our ___ family will also be worried about us, especially Saira's mama will be very worried about her."

 On hearing of Saira's return, Saira was lost in the thoughts of someone unaware of the two.

 to be continued.............

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