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Incomplete Love ( Episode 3 )


Novel: Incomplete Love

Writer: M. Tajmmal Beg

Episode 3

 Ahmed, Nimrah, let's go inside. Well done. We are waiting for you over tea.  She grabbed Ahmed and Nimrah by the arm and led them towards the room but they were both stubbornly playing __, but Mahosh did not listen to one of them and took them both to the room where Shazia Begum and  Maimona Begum was waiting for these two children for tea, let's start, Auntie Jan, now your darling son and daughter have both arrived ___ At Mahosh's voice, Maimuna Begum looked at Mahosh with a smile and started pouring tea into the cup while Mahosh  Seeing Shazia Begum staring at him, she felt safe to leave the room.

 Saira and Dr. Asher were both staring at each other unaware that there was anyone in the room besides them ___ !!!

 It was also true that Dr. Asher ___ was also enamored by Saira at first sight but he was ignoring her as a patient and ignorant.

 Dr. Asher now ___ saw in Saira's eyes the sea beyond his desires, he had no control over himself and he also forgot to focus his eyes on Saira and remove it -

 How long did this series go on? Suddenly, Sadia's ___ cough, which she had done intentionally, made them both realize that there was someone in the room besides you.

 As soon as Dr. Asher heard the sound of Sadia's cough, he immediately started giving instructions to Saira regarding medicine. Suddenly, while giving instructions, Dr. Asher had given some words to Dr. Asher, which made Saira hide her face and start laughing.  While Sadia ____ laughed out loud -

 Dr. Asher also knew the reason for Saira and Saadia's laughter and he also realized that he was speaking wrong.  Laughing, the voices of the two of them were going out of the door and Dr. Asher ____ was also heard softly which made the smile on Dr. Asher's face deeper.

 Along with Maimona Begum and her children, Shazia Begum was also enjoying tea and other accessories when her mobile phone started ringing.

  As soon as he picked up the mobile lying next to him, Imran Sahib was flashing in front of him. Shazia Begum picked up the call in a mixture of surprise and happiness because at that time ____ Shazia Begum did not expect Imran Sahib's call at all.

 As soon as Shazia Begum picked up the call, after the situation, Shazia Begum also told her about the arrival of her ___ sister Maimona, which caused a wave of ____ happiness on Imran's face and as soon as Imran Sahib returned.  News and dinner reported to have dinner with her children and her sister Mamoona Begum, then Shazia Begum ____ also started to turn red with happiness.

 Mamoona Begum who was looking at Shazia Begum's face with astonishment ___ she was trying to guess what could have happened because of which Shazia Begum's ____ face was opened with happiness, Mamoona Begum was in the same dilemma that so many  Shazia Begum hung up the phone and with great satisfaction she herself started telling Maimona Begum ___ that we will have dinner with your brother tonight.  As soon as she heard the news of her brother's return, she began to give ____ thanks to Allah and at the same time Ahmed and Nimrah were anxious to meet their uncles.

 Saira was now lying with her hands over her eyes when Sadia said, "Saira, look what we have come to do and what we are doing."  Our intention was to come to Kashmir which is called the valley of paradise and make some __ moments of our life attractive, beautiful, memorable and interesting ____ !!!

 But perhaps Allah Almighty had something else in mind.  Saira was listening to Saadia's words with great attention and interest. Suddenly Saadia's eyes fell on Saira. ____ Saadia was mischievous. Saadia said to Saira in order to warm up the atmosphere a little.  We came to see the valleys, mountains and lakes, but instead of taking anything here, here is one of our ladies .........

 After pulling her a little, Saadia became silent by saying our "one lady" while ___ Saira's heartbeat quickened again and she started asking Saadia to tell us what ???

 Sadia looked at Saira's __ and smiled softly but said nothing.

 Seeing Saadia silent, Saira Rohansi said with her face again that Saadia _____ Please tell me, is it one of our ladies ????

 Sadia, who was teasing Saira, remained silent and smiled at Saira's face.

 Now when Saira saw Saadia ___ silent again, she really started crying.  Seeing Saira crying, Saadia felt mischievous and said to Saira that Saira you ___ look even more cute while crying -

 It was heard that Saira suddenly became silent and put a receipt on Sadia's shoulder and said that now her patience is over. Now tell me, is there any one of our ladies ???

 to be continued................

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