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Incomplete Love ( Episode 2 )

Novel: Incomplete Love

Writer : Saifi Bhai

Episode 2

 Shazia Begum had just finished her Fajr prayers when Razia Bibi also came.

 Razia had been working in Shazia Begum's house for ten years and that was the reason why everyone in the house was familiar with Razia Bibi and respected her with all their heart.

 Razia's family used to plant a fruit wheelbarrow, but at such a high price, where can a fruit wheelbarrow feed three girls and two boys?

 When a fruit cart was not enough to feed the children, Razia also started working in people's homes.  But _________ there was no house that was willing to give Razia more than two thousand a month.

 Allah Almighty did that one day Shazia Begum's maid went to her village and never came back, and while looking for _______ work, Razia Bibi reached Shazia Begum's house.

 Despite belonging to a rich family, Shazia Begum was a well-rounded and virtuous woman. She was full of the spirit of helping people. This was the reason why Shazia Begum listened to Razia Bibi's troubles and put her on a monthly salary of five thousand rupees.  And also paid for the education of her children.

 Today was Sunday and Imran Sahib's sister and Saira etc.'s aunt who lived in Lahore also had to come, which she reported on the phone last night. __________ That is why Shazia Begum called Razia Bibi in a hurry today.

 After finishing the prayers, Shazia Begum went to the kitchen herself giving instructions to Razia Bibi and started preparing for the guests.

 When the doctor also failed to rescue Saira from Saadia, he reprimanded Saadia in a slightly harsh tone. Saadia immediately left Saira and stepped back and stood to one side in a spiritual form.

 As soon as Saira's eyes fell on Dr. Asher, she forgot to remove her face from Dr. Asher's face with curly hair, white complexion and light blue eyes. Dr. Asher was instructing the nurse about Saira's medicine but  Saira was staring at Dr. Asher.

 She was still staring at Dr. Asher when Saadia grabbed her by the shoulder and gave her a slight jolt which caused her to come out of her dream and turn to Saadia.  After telling the order and telling Sadia to come out soon, he turned back and Saira's eyes followed him to the door.

 Razia Bibi also left work and left Shazia Begum's ___________ house while offering prayers.
 But both Shazia Begum and Mahesh were still busy in the kitchen.

 Saira, Hamza and Mahosh had only one aunt who used to visit them once a year in Islamabad and they used to arrange a great feast for their uncle together.

 Even today, for his aunt's banquet, he prepared biryani, fried meat, Russian seal, custard, and much more.

 About ten o'clock she had finished her kitchen work and now she had sent Hamza to fetch juice and bottles etc. Shazia Begum had gone to take a bath herself.

 Shazia Begum was taking a bath and drying her hair so much that the sound of door bell echoed in her ears.
 Hamza and Mahesh, who were sitting in the next room, both ran towards the gate.

 As soon as he opened the gate, his paternal uncle was standing in front of him with his nine-year-old son Ahmed and seven-year-old daughter Nimrah holding heaps of taif and fruits.

 Her paternal uncle was such that she loved children, respected adults and laughed with everyone. When she came, she did not forget to bring gifts for Saira, Hamza and Mahosh.

 Mahosh grabbed the luggage from his aunt and grabbed Hamza and took him to the drawing room while Mahosh was still standing in the gate with Ahmed and Nimrah talking.

 Sadia, who has been watching Saira's movements for a long time, wondered if she was the same Saira who had once slapped a boy at the university just because he had been on her way for so many days.  Stood up and looked at him -

 When Saadia was not released, she finally asked Saira about the situation she had been watching for the last fifteen minutes.

 Saadia said that at first Saira was stunned by this sudden question _______ but then she soon recovered and scolded Saadia and silenced her saying that there is no such thing.

 She had satisfied Saadia but her heart did not know why it was getting out of her control. _________ This was happening for the first time with Saira.  No, she always ran away from the boys with the honor of her parents on her head, but _______ here the situation was all the opposite-

 Saira herself was worried about what was happening to her. She was not the kind of person who would lose heart at the first sight of a boy, _______ who would place someone in her heart without any acquaintance.

 She was forcing herself with her heart, but today her mind was constantly thinking of him. Her heart was also beating with her. She was also constantly beating for Dr. Asher, her eyes were ________.  She was longing for a glimpse of Dr. Asher, her __________ ears were also addicted to Dr. Asher's voice and were getting anxious to hear the same voice again.

 When Shazia Begum left her room, she asked Ahmed, Mahosh and _______ Nimrah, who were standing at the gate, to come to the room and went to the drawing room to meet Hamza's aunt.

 Hamza was busy chatting with her uncle when Shazia Begum entered the drawing room. As soon as she saw Shazia Begum, Hamza also stood with her uncle. Shazia Begum _________ Maimona Begum ie Hamza met the people with her uncle with open heart  And she started asking about the situation.

 Hamza saw his uncle Shazia Begum and his aunt Maimona Begum talking and got up and _________ came out of the room.

 Shazia Begum and Maimona Begum were listening to each other's story of their old age when Mahosh entered the room with tea and other accessories, Mahosh left her belongings in the room and went to call Ahmed and Nimrah who were playing outside in lounge  Were -

 Sadia unknowingly left Saira lost in her thoughts and left the room. It was about to be more than an hour when Sadia entered the room again and _______ saw Saira still lost in her thoughts and came with her anxiously.  She sat down and began to lighten the burden of her heart by engaging Saira in ________ talk.

 After fifteen minutes of relentless effort, she managed to make Saira laugh and now she was joking with him, so much so that ________ Dr. Asher re-entered the room - Saira's heart was in the closed cage again as soon as she saw Dr. Asher.  From an innocent ____ began to flutter like a bird, his mind began to suffer a strange conflict.  Sadia, who was sitting next to him, was sometimes looking at Dr. Asher in amazement and sometimes listening to the voice that was coming out of Saira's heart when she saw Dr. Asher.  ...

 to be continued..............

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