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Incomplete Love ( 1st Episode )


Novel: Incomplete Love


 Writer: Safi Bhai

1st Episode

 Aja's season of confiscation has not yet passed

 The mountains of Aja are still frozen

 From the islands of dreams to the stars

 Everything is there, but you are missing

 It had been two hours since Saira came home from college. She was lying face down on the bed and was constantly reciting this poem.

 She was suffering from a sense of selflessness. She did not understand why she was humiliating herself by remembering Asher ____ over and over again.

 Saira, Hamza and Mahosh were all obedient and lovely children of Imran Sahib and ____ Shazia Begum.

 He was living happily in the famous city of Islamabad, Pakistan. Saira was studying in the final year of "Bsc" at a university in Islamabad while Hamza was studying in the seventh class and Mahesh was studying in the sixth class in Islamabad.

 As well as being an intelligent student, Saira also had a serious temperament, which is why there was no boy on her friend list at the university until today.

 In contrast, Hamza and Mahosh had a lot of infatuation, which is why they often teased Saira - but Saira always saw them.

 Since Imran Sahib could not give much time to his children, the heavy responsibility of their training was on the shoulders of Shazia Begum which she was doing well.

 It was as a result of Shazia Begum's good training that the neighbors and all the relatives around Imran Sahib's family valued ____ and gave their children examples of Saira, Hamza and Mahosh.

 Imran Sahib often lived abroad for work _____ and even then he had come to Dubai for a short period of two to three days for a business meeting.

 It was not that he was oblivious to his children but that he fulfilled their every wish. That is why his _____ house had all the facilities of worldliness and he was living a happy life.

 Saira was in the final year of "Bsc" when she reluctantly agreed to a tour of Kashmir at the request of her dearest friend Saadia as it was not appropriate for her to make any decision without telling her at home.  Had to be from home-

 At the request of teachers and friends, he dialed the house number which was received in a few moments. For the tour of Kashmir, he put the whole situation in front of his mama ie ____ Shazia Begum ... !!!

 Shazia Begum remained silent for a while after listening to Saira's talk and then gave permission to her daughter but Shazia Begum's heart was trembling badly, Shazia Begum was feeling some anhuni but she went home after reading ____ "Surats" etc.  She had blown on Saira while sitting and was satisfied and walked towards the kitchen.

 Shazia Begum was still in the kitchen when Hamza and Mahosh returned from school.

 As soon as Mahosh and Hamza arrived, they started complaining to Shazia Begum.

 Today, since the result of Mahosh and Hamza was to be announced in which the parents had to go, but Imran Sahib was out of the country and Shazia Begum could not attend the ceremony due to ill health.

 After some time of complaining, Mahesh was showing Shazia Begum the shield and result card she got when she came in first position and poor Hamza lost her separate laptop when she came in third position which she had to get when she came first.  .

 Meanwhile, Saira had gone for a tour of Kashmir with her friends and teachers.

 It was not the first time she had traveled so far, but she had gone "out of the country" with her ____ Baba two or three times.

   But this time, like Shazia Begum, her heart was trembling with some unknown fear.

 As she covered her destination, Kashmir, her heart was beating faster. She was trembling with fear. Sweat appeared on her forehead even in the bitter cold.

 Sadia, who was sitting next to him, was unaware of her condition, swayed in her mobile phone and put her hands free in her ears.

 When the song was over, Saadia suddenly thought of Saira but she was shocked to see the situation. _____ Saadia had never seen so much trouble on Saira's face.

 When Sadia saw Saira's condition, she immediately wiped her face with a handkerchief and began to comfort her.

 Sadia was reassuring Saira that suddenly the tremors started. ________ Her van had broken into another van due to sudden breakdown of light during the night journey.

 Saira's head hit the front seat as the van crashed, causing her to bleed profusely, causing her to faint.

  While he was unconscious, the silence of _____ Shazia Begum was circulating in his mind which he had adopted for a few moments when he asked for permission.

 Saira was the one who got the most injuries in this accident. Everyone else got minor scratches etc. _____ !!!

 Two hours had passed but Saira had not yet regained consciousness, but the accident had not yet been reported to anyone's family as everyone except Saira was safe and ________ was also praying for Saira.

 Sadia was sitting in a prayer room in a room crying and praying for Saira's recovery when a nurse gave her the good news that Saira Madam had regained consciousness. She had heard that Sadia had run to the Emer sex room.  The nurse standing there was looking at Saadia with strange eyes.

 While running, Sadia did not even realize how many people's eyes were chasing her existence. She was just running _______ madly. She did not care about people's eyes _______ nor did she bother that I was running like this.  She was worried about what people would say when she saw it, so she just wanted to see Saira in the form of a fairy with the same smiling face as before.

 The arrows of the eyes of the people in the hospital adorned her body. When she reached Saira, she realized what she had done __________ but she ignored these feelings and hugged Saira's neck.

 She was wrapped around Saira's neck when Saira let out a loud scream which caused the nurse standing outside to come in and start rescuing Saira from Saadia.  But __________ Sadia was as flat with Saira as if some crazy people had met after a while.

 Saira's voice was more painful but Sadia was madly flattered by it. When the nurse also saw herself failing, she called a senior doctor from outside.

 to be continued...................

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