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Truth and myths about the most popular anti-hangover recipes

People's advice on how to get in shape, we asked to evaluate the doctor-therapist of the highest qualification category, toxicologist Alexey Vodovozov.

On New Year's holidays, it is difficult to resist and not drink too much. Many also drink. And the next day they experience all the signs of a hangover syndrome: the head hurts, feels sick, the body shakes a little. What to do?

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" has collected popular people's advice on how to get in shape. And she asked to evaluate these prescriptions of the therapist of the highest qualification category, toxicologist, scientific and medical educator Alexei Vodovozov .

1. Get well with beer or vodka

The most common recommendation for relieving a hangover is to treat like with like. That is, to remove a hangover with a glass of beer or a shot of vodka. Alexey Vodovozov rejects this method.

- The hangover of a healthy person, that is, not suffering from alcohol dependence, is poisoning with acetaldehyde. As well as metabolic products of other impurities and additives in alcoholic beverage, - explains Vodovozov. - In a healthy person, the hangover goes away by itself, the enzyme systems of the body get rid of it.

Alexey Vodovozov.  Photo:

Alexey Vodovozov. Photo:

If a glass of vodka saves someone from a hangover, I have bad news for such people: this is a sign of addiction. The hangover of a sick person is of a completely different nature. In fact, this is ethanol withdrawal, withdrawal symptoms. The terrible state of health is due to the fact that the amount of the drug (ethanol in this case) dropped in the blood. And if the next dose improves the condition, this indicates the formation of addiction already at the physical level.

With a hangover of a healthy person, alcohol is contraindicated. Because an additional amount of acetaldehyde is formed, and the "recovery" will be delayed.

2. Rescue pickle

On the Internet, you can find tips to drink water with lemon, pickle, kvass, tomato juice and lactic acid drinks in the morning after alcoholic fun. Alexey Vodovozov supports such advice:

- At home, we can slightly help the body to cope with a hangover. Alcohol ethanol has a powerful diuretic effect, expelling everything from the blood - water, glucose, and electrolytes. This means that you need to make up for their loss. And in this sense, water with lemon, brine (not marinade!) Or tomato juice is what you need.

3. Activated carbon and other sorbents

Many Internet advisors recommend taking enterosgel, polysorb, smecta, white or black coal, succinic acid, and various anti-hangover agents in the morning. But all this, according to Alexei Vodovozov, cannot help.

“It's too late to drink sorbents,” the toxicologist throws up his hands. - Because the whole set of toxins that give the clinical picture of a hangover has long been in the blood.

4. Strong tea, coffee, cocoa

You can find many other recommendations - go to sweat in a bath or hammam, on a treadmill in a gym, or drink strong tea, coffee, thick cocoa ... However, it turns out that these methods can be dangerous!

- Caffeine-containing drugs against the background of a hangover are a bad idea, - Aleksey Vodovozov warns. - Acetic aldehyde, which is formed during the breakdown of alcohol in the liver, increases the sensitivity of the receptors of the heart to adrenaline and similar substances. And caffeine, firstly, spurs the heart, making it beat faster. Secondly, it increases the demand of the myocardium (heart muscle - Ed.) In oxygen. And there are problems with its delivery: the blood is thickened due to fluid loss, and critical electrolytes (sodium and potassium) are in short supply. So heart attacks against the backdrop of a hangover, aggravated by coffee, strong tea, a bath or an attempt to expel toxins in the gym are not uncommon.

Doctors even came up with the term "festive heart": a vascular catastrophe that happened against the background of overeating, alcohol and unrestrained violation of the regime.

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