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Top 7 mistakes that undermine our health every day

Every day, billions of people make the same mistakes in their daily lives that negatively affect their health.

The experts have selected the most common habits that seem harmless to us only at first glance.

1. Medical professionals do not recommend waking up in the morning with an alarm clock, which is set to repeat at regular intervals. Thus, a person repeatedly interrupts the sleep cycle, which can lead to problems with the nervous system.

2. Immediately after waking up, be sure to open the curtains, letting in as much daylight as possible into the room. Such manipulation is especially beneficial in winter, when a lack of light provokes the development of depression, weight gain and other health problems.

3. In the winter, also need to use a sun cream . In fact, it must be used all year round: ultraviolet light penetrates the skin even in the autumn-winter season, easily passing through car windows and your office windows. And if the skin is not protected, it not only ages faster, but is also at risk of developing cancer.

4. City dwellers who drive with their windows open put their bodies in great danger.Those who regularly breathe the polluted air of a metropolis often have a predisposition to oncology, cardiovascular diseases and other dangerous diseases.

5. Do not use a very hard brush to brush your teeth and it is not recommended to make too vigorous movements. All this destroys tooth enamel, provoking the development of caries. Plus, it is important to maintain an acid balance in your mouth: wait at least 30 minutes after each meal, and only then go to brush your teeth.

6. Eliminate zero calorie diet drinks from your diet.- they bring the same harm to the body as drinks with artificial sweeteners. To quench your thirst, experts recommend drinking pure water with fresh fruit juices as the only healthy alternative.

7. There is a myth that sports in the evenings is harmful, as it interferes with sleep. In fact,  medical professionals recommend exercising at any time of the day : such a load significantly relaxes the body and contributes to even better sleep.

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