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Personal life affects health latest research

 Personal life affects health

Scientists have shown that people who are happier in relationships get sick less, lead healthier lives, and even live longer than those who are unhappy in their personal lives.

Researchers conducted an experiment that showed that partner misunderstandings and relationship problems lowered immunity and increased the risk of stress.

Marianne Troyani, co-author of the study, argues that a happy and strong relationship has a great impact on the body and spirit of a person. 

Previously, research on this topic has already been conducted, which showed that people are healthier if they are not married, and single people are more likely to get sick and recover longer. 

“Unions in which mutual understanding, support and love reign more often push each other to give up bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. They visit fitness clubs more often and more willingly and are more selective in their diet, ”said Marianne Troyani.

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